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Conestoga Builders, Inc

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Two Locations:

1265 Access Rd NW Covington, GA  30014

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Kennesaw, GA 30144

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Phone: 678-576-6852
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Conestoga Builders, Inc

Serving you at
Two Locations:

1265 Access Rd NW Covington, GA  30014

1660 Cobb Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Built-on-Site Models:
Phone: 678-576-6852
FAX: 770-928-2290
E-mail-Sales: Click Here!

Mon.-Fri. 9:30-5:00
Sat. 9:00-2:00
Models Open 24/7
Litterature Available

Pre-Built Rent-To-Own Models:
Phone: 470-429-8742
FAX: 770-786-1741
E-mail-Sales: Click Here!

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Legend 2-story storage building
16'x20'x17" Legend -- a scene reminiscent of the good ol' days.


Legend Two-Story Multi-Purpose Storage Building

The Legend is a two-story multi-purpose building with stairs to the loft. It makes a great workshop, guest house, storage building, or yard barn.

Free Metal Roof Upgrade!
Normally $4/sq. ft. Call now to save!

Save 7%
Our buildings are tax inclusive!

(Better Business Bureau A+ Rating)

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Professionally Built Garages & Storage Buildings.
We are Insured and State Licenced!

Verify our state license HERE.

Our high quality buildings are custom-built, on site, by construction crews that meet Conestoga Buliders' superior standards. Unlike our competitors, our buildings include 3⁄4” pressure treated floors, with cap blocks, vents, hardware and roofing felt included as standard equipment at a savings of hundreds of dollars.

NOTE: This is not a Rent-to-Own building.


Sizes and Prices


Legend storage building stairs
16'x20'x17' Legend interior, showing stairs, and studs 16" on center.

Legend storage building loft
Loft in 16'x20'x17' Legend.

Legend 16'x20' exterior
Exterior 16'x20' Legend

Legend Storage Building Key Benefits

  • On-site construction, included.
  • Leveling: Leveling up to 18" is included; there is a nominal fee for leveling exceeding 18" leveling is accomplished by placing 4" cap blocks on the high part of the ground and 8" concrete blocks on the low end.
  • Support System: Building will be supported by 4 each 4"x4" pressure treated beams. Beams are elevated from the ground and centered on concrete blocks. FREE concrete blocks for building site less than 18" off level. 
  • Floor Joists: Pressure treated 2"x6" joists.
  • Flooring: 3/4" Pressure treated plywood.
  • NOTE: 18' wide built on 4" concrete slab, not a wood floor.
  • Studs: Number 2 white wood spaced on 16" centers.
  • Top and Bottom Plates: Single bottom plate, double top plates.
  • FULL Loft: 2"x10" joists on 16" centers, 3/4" CDX plywood flooring.
  • Stairs: Standard 36" stairs. Specs: 2"x12" steps, 2"x4" handrail, 2"x2" safety rungs. Upgrade to either 42" or 48" stairs and add a stairwell.
  • Ceiling Rafters: 2"x6" rafters on 24" centers. Number 2 white wood.
  • Siding: LP Smartside primed standard, or upgrade to Duratemp primed, vinyl or Hardilap.
  • Roofing: 7/16" 4'x8' sheets of OSB, the industry standard.
  • Roof Felt: 15 pounds rolled roof felt is included.
  • Plywood clips included.
  • Eve Board: 2"x6" white wood front and sides, 2"x4" on back.
  • Ridge beam included.
  • Metal Roof comes standard on this model: COLORS. OR
  • Shingles: CertainTeed Traditional shingles available but without warranty.
    Roof Shingle COLORS.
  • Ridge vent included.
  • Trim Boards: 1"x4" primed white wood.
  • Double Doors: 48", 60", or 72" wide opening.
  • Entrance Door: 3' barn door
  • Door Design: Customize your door choose from five Integrity Door Designs.
  • Hasp: Exterior hasp.
  • Windows: (4) 22"x40" (2) 22"x27" with screen and exterior 1"x4" wood frame.

Legend Storage Building Advantage Pricing

All prices are TAX INCLUSIVE!

The Legend

Description Value Price Description Value Price
16'x16'x17' $  7,999.00 18'x20'x17' $17,499.00
16'x20'x17'      8,999.00 18'x24'x17' 23,499.00
16'x24'x17'   10,999.00 18'x28'x17' 25,499.00
16'x28'x17' 11,999.00 18'x32'x17' 26,999.00
16'x32'x17' 12,999.00 18'x36'x17' 28,499.00
16'x36'x17' 14,999.00 18'x40'x17' 29,499.00

NOTE: 18' wide built on 4" concrete slab, not wood floor.


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Conestoga Builders has about 40 models on its lot, which can be viewed 24/7.

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